A play and picnic site
for children with special needs

It encourages mobility
and social skills


The play & picnic site will open from Saturday, 4th July - in line with Government advice on outdoor playgrounds.

We regret we will NOT be able to take NEW JOINERS in 2020.

As Bournstream is not staffed we must ask all users to follow the guidelines - to take full responsibility - in line with the declaration you made in signing our joining form.


  • Please bring gloves & antiseptic cleaner/gel for all hard surfaces - gates/padlocks & all toilet areas - before and after use.
  • Respect other users' space at all times & observe social distancing of 2 metres.
  • Please restrict your visit to one vehicle only - meaning only one family unit - & for no more than two hours.
  • No parties, groups or schools class groups will be allowed this season.
  • If the car park is FULL - only use the lay-by to wait for someone else to leave the play site.
  • Close, lock and clean all gates immediately behind you.
  • Please take all wipes, gloves and other rubbish away with you to dispose of.
  • Contact us via our website contact page with any queries or concerns.

We need everyone to think of others please, to follow these guidelines which have been carefully considered, so that we can re-open for space and play - but most especially so that we can all keep safe and well.
We hope the play site continues to give families and youngsters the freedom they most need.

Thank you for abiding fully by these guidelines.

The Bournstream Trust Committee.

Barbara Saxton
Bournstream banner - A unique outdoor adventure play and picnic site for disabled children and their families, friends, carers, support groups and special schools

Who is Bournstream for?

At Bournstream we want every child who needs a safe space to play to feel welcome & able to get the most out of their visits. Any child or young person up to the age of 16 who has an additional support need, or special educational need, related to their sensory, physical or cognitive functioning is able to join the play site & to use the play site as often as they wish. By an additional support or special educational need we mean any child who :

  • attends a special school
  • has extra support in school 1-to-1
  • has a sensory, cognitive or physical impairment

You can always ring us to discuss this in more detail if that is helpful in deciding whether Bournstream fits your needs.

And how old is too old for current members?

In order to meet the demand for new joiners, & to make the play site as safe & friendly as possible, we now ask that any parent or carer of a young person reaching the age of 18 considers finding an alternative place to play. This is because the facilities we provide are no longer suitable for young adults due to their changing needs, physical demands & type of behaviour - which can be off putting to younger children. If you feel yours may be an exceptional case please feel free to ring us to discuss this decision. In Gloucestershire there are other projects you may choose to join such as Wheels for All & Allsorts (18-25) & the PARC project, Wotton, has extensive pathways & developing play areas.

If you want to join

If you wish to join please ring Jinny Rawlings on 01454 238083 and leave her your name, address and contact number.

You will then be sent joining details & our play site rules - after which one of our volunteers will be in touch to arrange to meet you at the play site on a day & time to suit you.
Children are welcome but really need another adult with them please - so that you can see over & fully understand how Bournstream works, as it is not a staffed project. Our volunteer will show you over, answer any questions & complete our joining papers with you.
The one-off membership fee is £10 - payable on the day.

What is Bournstream?

The Bournstream Trust, an outdoor adventure play area for children with special needs in Wooten Under Edge, Gloucestershire, Uk Bournstream is a unique outdoor adventure playsite on the Cotswold edge, roughly between Gloucester and Bristol - half a mile out of Wotton-Under-Edge, set in a hidden valley bordered by fields and woodland.

From the main road there is a locked gate to enter the car park for safety & also an internal locked gate, to enter the play site itself. The play site is open to members from mid-March until the end of November each season. It is then closed for the winter. There are no opening hours as it can be accessed by members whenever it suits them.

It has picnic areas, with tables and benches, toilet house, with changing platform. The playsite also has an extensive pathway for bikes, play vehicles and wheelchairs. It has giant sandpits, a play house, swings, roundabout, slides and a football pitch. There is a climbing wall on the sandpit with rope ladder & wooden climbing frame. There is also a gated, robust water play area with grassy banks and a shaded bench - for paddling, play & peace.

Who is it for?

The Bournstream Trust, an outdoor adventure play area for children with special needs in Wooten Under Edge, Gloucestershire, Uk

Bournstream playsite is not open to the general public. Its dedicated use is for children and young people with disabilities or special needs - for their families, carers, respite groups and special schools.

I have been bringing children
to Bournstream for many years, and it
always seems to have a calming effect on
some very troubled children; we all love
it, and it gets better all the time.

Who runs it?

The Bournstream Trust, an outdoor adventure play area for children with special needs in Wooten Under Edge, Gloucestershire, Uk Bournstream is not staffed and is run entirely by volunteers. It is managed by a hands-on Committee (which includes parents of children with disabilities and respite carers), volunteers giving their time, energy and ideas - and with the active support of many local Community Groups.

Why is there a need?

The Bournstream Trust, an outdoor adventure play area for children with special needs in Wooten Under Edge, Gloucestershire, Uk

A young father's experience:
"Imagine taking your son or daughter to the local play area... only, your child has special needs, or a disability others will notice.

He or she may not understand about taking turns, playing nicely or even about not running out of the park.

Imagine as a parent the hyper-alertness you have to have to your childs actions.

Sometimes you meet a parent who is understanding... but not always.

You can become insular, not wanting to go out, not taking your other kids to the park because... you fear how it might be... it's just too exhausting to contemplate, too unrelaxing, too unpredictable.

Then you learn that Bournstream exists...

An environment that is safe and secure, in such a wonderful setting, so green and peaceful, so much space and with loads to play on!

At Bournstream, you can be sure that whoever you meet will be understanding, people who are in the same boat as you, and where it seems equally appealing to able-bodied brothers and sisters - as they can have some space and time to play too. You can take a picnic, a football, a book.

All in all, a haven, you should see it!

Bournstream is a place to recharge your batteries - as well as somewhere your children can happily wear themselves out!"

As a group, we have enjoyed
visiting Bournstream Play Area for many
years; and thoroughly appreciated the time,
warmth and love which is put into making,
and maintaining, a lovely place for
children with disabilities.

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Being Safe. Being themselves. Being together.