A play and picnic site
for children with special needs

Fun, freedom
and fresh air

Our joining list for this 2019 season is currently closed due to high demand. Please check the website again in June/July to see if we can offer any more places. Sorry but we are not able to keep or carry forward a waiting list.

Contact us

Our main contact for mail and donations is as below. Please make any donations payable to Bournstream Trust.


We have a questionnaire about our playsite for you to fill in and return to us through one of the methods below.

By Post:

(not for joining - please see above)

Main Contact:

Mark Pasco,
28 Bradley Street,
Gloustershire GL12 7AR

T: 01453 845568

By Email:

Please contact us using the email address provided below or via the contact form on this page. Feel free to send us you comments, suggestions and any photos that you are happy to share.

E: info@bournstream.org

- required
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- required, but never passed on


To have fresh air,
know they are safe
& having fun.

Bournstream is now entering a new chapter - with new people and new ideas - but Barbara Saxton's abiding 'vision' continues.

We hope you can and make good use of all that it offers - to see the exciting changes, enjoying this unique space in your own way - and let others know all about it too, by giving them our website details and our current leaflet.

Guidelines for groups or parties at Bournstream:

Bournstream is not a venue for a very large group outing for reasons of safety, car park capacity & consideration for all the other users.

Parties are for the disabled child, their families & friends, other support or special school groups.

* Maximum numbers 12 children – & up to 12 adults or helpers

* Maximum parking of vehicles – minibus plus 2 cars or 6 cars. Always park inside the main gate for safety.

Responsible adult role :

This person must assume gate security & full responsibility for the group at all times.

The road entrance gate should be manned at all times on arrival – not just left open for others expected - & locked immediately after you all get in. The same applies to the inner gate.

Full play site rules & other specific reminders are on the website contact page to refer to.

Payment – minimum donation of £20 please.
Either to be sent or left on the day in the donations box on site. IF you can GIFT AID this a form can be printed off our website, thanks.

Please ring to BOOK a party on 01453 845568 & give us a contact number for the responsible adult.

We keep a diary to avoid clashes if possible – including regular schools using the play site & fortnightly grass cutting when known.

Thank you for reading & abiding by all the above.

Barbara Saxton